Revising Your Writing Samples Copy

Chapter 7 Summary

In chapter 7 you learned to make your writing successful by using tone that encourages cooperation.

Learning Activity

Revising Your Writing Samples

Now it’s time to review and revise each of your writing samples for tone.

Regardless of how good your idea is, if your readers do not feel respected, they will not get on board.

  1. Does the tone encourage or impede cooperation?
  2. Is the tone positive, friendly, and professional?
  3. Does it build goodwill and cement a cooperative working relationship?
  4. Is the reader’s name used?
  5. Did you use positive words and expressions?

Congratulations, you’ve learned a lot! 

You have applied everything you’ve learned in your rewrites. All of your hard work will pay dividends for the rest of your career.

Now that you have learned how to rewrite Rambling Ralph, using the principles and models of Writing to Get Things Done®, you have some good templates for those things you’re going to write in the future.

Congratulations on a job well done!