Let’s See Our Finished Email Copy

SUBJECT: Request for a Change in Training Rooms u200b

Paragraph 1

Would it be okay with you if we change the location of the upcoming Quality Training to our corporate training room?

Paragraph 2u200b

Our department training room is inadequate for a number of reasons:

  • The sound facilities are bad for small groups. The microphone does not work consistently, and one of the speakers makes a buzzing noise. The acoustics are also poor.
  • The training room has a poor geographical location. Sometimes, the sunlight glares directly into people’s eyes. In the afternoon, the sun, glaring through the western windows, transforms the room into an oven. Also, the room overlooks a busy parking lot with distracting sights.
  • Many physical aspects of the room are not ideal for small classes. The room is too large. Smaller classes feel swamped. Since the chairs are bolted to the floor, they cannot be moved into small groups.

Paragraph 3

Please let me know by June 5, Jane, if you agree with the move. I will then have enough time to notify the participants.