More Ways to Improve Clarity: Improve the Readability of Individual Paragraphs Copy

Improve the Readability of Individual Paragraphs

  • Name the content of every paragraph with a heading.
  • Put conclusions, recommendations, and determinations at the beginning of each paragraph.
  • Use short paragraphs no longer than six lines.
  • Use a list organized under a forecasting sentence for paragraphs that have more than two key points.

Project Descriptionn

This is a construction project for the renovation of 24 housing units.

  • Each housing, unit hills 4 rooms for a total of 96 rooms.
  • Work includes upgrading of plumbing and electrical systems
  • Work shall be performed In unoccupied units.
  • The contract is firm and the price is fixed
  • The budget for this project is. approximately $5,000,000.