Passive Voice vs Readability: Example Two – A Procedure Copy

See how difficult it is to read when writers use a lot of passive voice in narrative paragraphs.

Read this paragraph for comprehension and notice the 12 underlined passive-voice verbs. 

User Manual

When the screenshots have been captured and the tech writer has written the steps for the procedure in a Word doc, she may be asked for her input on whether the procedure is clear and straightforward.

After the document has been created and it has been saved as a PDF, the tech writer is given the list of people to distribute it to. A copy will be backed up offsite.

If printed copies are desired, it is decided how many are required. An offsite printing vendor is used to generate the needed copies of the manual and they are bound at that location before distribution.

See how easy it is to read when writers rewrite a narrative of passive-voice verbs into a list of active-voice verbs.

Steps for Creating a User Manual

The tech writer will:

  1. Capture screenshots for the procedure.
  2. Write the steps for the procedure, inserting the screenshots in the proper places.
  3. Provide input on whether the procedure is clear and straightforward.
  4. Save the document as a PDF.
  5. Distribute the PDF manual to the people who need it.
  6. Backup a copy of the PDF offsite.
  7. Request the appropriate number of printed and bound copies from the offsite vendor.
  8. Distribute the printed manuals.