Revising Your Writing Samples Copy

Chapter 5 Summary

In chapter 5 you learned how to make your longer documents of four or more paragraphs readable. Regardless of length, your writing must be skimmable, comprehensible, and memorable.

The Heading Model is the third model for Writing to Get Things Done®. You are now ready to review your writing samples and rewrite them using the appropriate model, depending on the amount of detail.

Learning Activity

Revising Your Writing Samples

Now it’s time to review and revise your longer writing samples, those with four or more paragraphs, for readability. Using a heading for each paragraph is the solution to the problems inherent in Rambling Ralph.

Find a writing sample with four or more paragraphs. Depending on the amount and kind of detail, rewrite it using Model Two or Model Three.


Option One: Rewrite it using Model Two with a List in Paragraph Two. Many times Rambling Ralph hides a list of key points within multiple paragraphs. Model Two is a solution for this problem.


Option Two: Rewrite it using a heading for every paragraph. This makes the overall organization visually apparent to the reader