Revising Your Writing Samples Copy

Chapter 6 Summary

In chapter 6 you learned how to make your writing readable by using the language of getting things done. This means using simple words, short sentences, concrete words, and active voice.

You also learned to eliminate business speak and use jargon wisely. This writing style meets the needs of the reader. Writers, however, might feel challenged to let go of their more formal, pseudo-scientific, academically-bent, preponderous language, and their propensity for obscuration of a simple thought. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

Learning Activity

Revising Your Writing Samples

Now it’s time to review and revise each of your writing samples.

Write for the reader. Business speak just gets in the way of getting things done. Check your draft:

  1. Are the words simple, informal, and concrete?
  2. Are the sentences short?
  3. Replace abstract language with concrete words and phrases.
  4. Replace jargony business language with informal language.
  5. Are the verbs mostly active, with the doer preceding the verb? Particularly look for narrative paragraphs with a lot of passive voice, and rewrite them using a list of active voice sentences.
  6. Is a list presented in parallel structure?

Remember to use all the other skills you’ve learned so far, and use the appropriate writing model.