Revising Your Writing Samples Copy

Chapter 2 Summary

By now you know what readers need. Youu2019ve learned to separate the thinking process from the reporting process, and youu2019re starting to see that finding your hidden list is the key to clarifying Writing to Get Things Doneu00ae.

In the next chapter, weu2019ll see that all business writing can be done by using one of the three models of Writing to Get Things Doneu00ae. Youu2019re on your way to getting things done!

Learning Activity

Revising Your Writing Samples

Now it’s time to review and revise each of your writing samples.

  1. See if you can uncover a list of key points buried within narrative paragraphs.
    Rewrite them as a bulleted listing format.

  2. Did you put your bottom line of your thinking process at the top of the reporting process?
    Did you state what you wanted to get done in the first paragraph?

  3. Did you share the urgency with the reader?
    Think through the timeline of what you want to get done.