Revising Your Writing Samples Copy

Chapter 3 Summary

You can now write a clear, concise, three-paragraph email that gets things done.

You can also write a forecasting subject line that will turn a passive reader into an active reader.

Finally, you’ve had a brief introduction to the two other models we’re going to explore in this course. You’ve seen that the model you use is driven by the amount of content you have.

In the next chapter, you’ll learn about the Three-Paragraph Model with a List in Paragraph Two.

Learning Activity

Revising Your Writing Samples

Now it’s time to do a final review and rewrite of each of your writing samples. Check to see if you’ve made these revisions as you’ve gone through this chapter.

  1. Did you say what you want to get done in paragraph one?
  2. Did you give an explanation in paragraph two?
  3. Did you give a deadline with an explanation in paragraph three?
  4. Did you write a forecasting subject line?