This Example Encourages Conflict/This Example Encourages Cooperation Copy

This Example encourages conflict.

Subject: Past Due Account

Mr. Peterson:

I note that you have not responded to my recent telephone request for payment of the $1,995 balance due on your account with us. I must advise you that we can no longer carry this account delinquent and I will expect that you will be sending us a check by return mail to take care of this balance.

I must impress upon you the importance of sending your remittance to us as this account will be placed with our attorney in ten days if your check is not received within that time. I suggest that you use the stamped return envelope enclosed. I will look forward to the receipt of your check shortly.

This example encourages cooperation.

Subject: Request for Balance Due on Your Account

Dear Mr. Peterson:

Please help clear up your account with Manucorp by sending us a $1,995 check.

If you’re unable to do so, please call me and we will arrange a payment schedule. This will keep us out of our legal department.

Please call me before next Friday, June 30. I look forward to working with you and hope to retain you as a valued customer of Manucorp.