Tips for Taking the Course

Let’s talk about the details you’ll need to know to fully participate in this class. We promise the rest of the class will be more interesting than this page.

Audio Settings

Enable Autoplay. The narration in this course is designed to autoplay. However, some browsers do not autoplay by default. If this is the case with your browser, either switch to another browser or go to your browser settings and activate autoplay. If neither of those options works for you, you can just click play (located on the left side of the audio bar) on each page.

Disable Autoplay. If you are the type of learner who likes things silent, or if you don’t want to disturb your officemate, you can disable autoplay (if it’s enabled) for this site in your browser.

Set Speed. You can speed up or slow down the narration by clicking on the settings icon to the right of the audio bar and setting your desired speed.


Throughout the course, you will be watching entertaining, instructional videos. To begin each video, click the start arrow on the video. 


We strongly encourage you to take notes throughout this class. You will be learning a lot of new techniques, and we want you to be able to remember and use those techniques to dazzle and impress your friends and colleagues long after you complete this course.

Simply click the “Take Notes” icon (in the lower right corner) on each page. You can move and/or resize the Notes window to put it where it’s most convenient for you.

You will be able to save your notes and then download/print so you can refer to them for years to come.

Access to the Course

It is important to note you will have access to the course for 30 days from your date of enrollment.