Use a List Within a List to Increase Readability Copy

You can add your supporting details in either a narrative form, as shown on the previous page, or a list within a list as shown on the bottom of this page. This is entirely a writer’s personal preference. Use it when you feel the list adds clarity.

See an example in bullet three.

There are several ways we could reduce expenses:

    • Buy the oscillating bindle wings in larger quantities. We can save 8% if we buy in lots of 1000.
    • Buy the bindle wings at the end of the year when the price drops. I’ve seen the price drop by as much as $3000 per wing after November.
    • Use refurbished parts instead of installing new ones.
      • The refurbished parts cost about half the price of the new ones.
      • The failure rate is actually better than with the new parts.
      • We have a local supplier who can deliver them daily.