Use Parallel Structure to Improve Clarity Copy

Look at the first word of each sentence in your list. Each sentence should begin with the same part of speech: all verbs, all nouns, etc. This is called parallel structure.

In the following example, you’ll see a mix of verbs and nouns and statements and questions. Nothing is really incorrect, but the list is not as easy to read as it could be — it’s not parallel.

We need to discuss:

      • The cost of the tile at the Oak Street house kitchen.
      • Buying the unit on 4th Street.
      • Should we sell the tract that overlooks the lake?

Let’s start each sentence with a verb. Notice how this parallel structure makes the list much easier to understand.

We need to decide whether we should:

      • Tile the Oak Street house bathroom.
      • Buy the unit on 4th street.
      • Sell the tract that overlooks the lake.