Use Short Sentences Copy

Remember, readers want to get to the point quickly. Long, run-on sentences are the starting blocks of Rambling Ralph.

Use short sentences for readability

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  • Simple short sentencesu00a0are easier to read than long complex ones.
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  • Vary your sentence length. Surround longer sentences with short sentences.
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  • Shoot for an average of 15-20 words per sentence.
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A long, rambling sentence


This policy is being implemented to support the batch control proceduresu00a0being installed on all EDP systems and to reduce the confusion created by misdirected documents which occasionallyu00a0resulted from the earlier practices.

Simpler rewrite


We are starting this policy to support new batch control proceduresu00a0on all EDP systems. We hope to reduce confusion caused by lost or misplaced data.