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Location, Frequency, and Severity of Bird Strikes on Aircraft. The location, relative frequency and severity of bird strikes on aircraft varies. While only 5% of bird strikes involve the landing lights of a craft, 96% of these strikes cause severe damage. Only 9% of bird strikes involve the engine, and of this 9%, 46% of the strikes cause no damage to the craft, 28% cause severe damage, and 26% cause moderate damage. Nearly 23% of all bird strikes involve the wings of the aircraft. In wing strikes, 25% cause no damage, while 52% cause moderate damage, and the remaining 23% cause severe damage. Windshields are another location of the craft that encounters bird strikes. Most (57% of all windshield strikes) cause no damage, 32% cause severe damage, and 11% cause moderate damage. Only 3% of bird strikes to the fuselage of the craft cause severe damage, but 39% of bird strikes to this area of an aircraft cause moderate damage. Other locations of the aircraft account for only 4% of the total number of bird strikes. Since 96% of all bird strikes to the landing lights of aircraft result in severe damage, we recommend that reinforced steel mesh be welded over the landing lights of our aircraft.

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We recommend that reinforced steel mesh be welded over the landing lights since landing lights are essential for safe landings in the remote jungle areas where our pilots often land.


When a bird strikes a flying aircraft, the severity of damage done to the craft often depends upon the location of the strike. Certain locations on aircraft are more prone to strikes than others. Even though landing lights account for only 5% of all bird strikes on aircraft, these strikes will cause severe damage 96% of the time.

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Location, Frequency, and Severity of Bird Strikes On Aircraft.

Location Frequency of Strike Severity of Strike
Severe Moderate No Damage
Fuselage 31% 3% 39% 58%
Windshield 28% 32% 11% 25%
Wings 23% 23% 52% 46%
Engine 9% 28% 26% 46%
Landing Lights 5% 96% 4%
Other Parts 4% 50% 22% 17%

Source: CAA Report on Small Air Craft, 1994