Write a Three-Paragraph Email with a List Copy

Pick a topic

Perhaps it’s time to write something you’ve been procrastinating about. Perhaps this is a good time to write about why you deserve more vacation time. Perhaps it’s time to rant about the refrigerator in the lunchroom. You decide. This is just for practice.

Follow these steps to write your three-paragraph email.

Step 1:  Brainstorm to clarify your list.

Step 2:  Write the forecasting sentence for the list.

Step 3:  Write paragraph one stating what you want to get done.

Step 4:  Write paragraph two with your list organized under the forecasting sentence.

Step 5:  Write paragraph three with a deadline that has a specific timeframe and reason.

Step 6:  Write a forecasting subject line for your email.

Step 7:  Revise and send your email.